19 Most Popular Africa Facts – November 2015

Below is the list of 19 Most Popular Africa Facts from our Twitter Account @AfricaFactsOrg and the popularity is based on the re-tweets and favorites generated during the lat month

  1. Healthcare and Education are free for children in The Gambia. Source: @investgambia
  2. US Police officers have shot more unarmed Blacks than the Nigeria Police Force. Nigeria has 4 times (170 mil) more Blacks than USA (42 mil).
  3. “Ghana Must Go” bags were given to deported Ghanaians in 1983, when Nigeria deported 2 mil Ghanaians, after Ghana deported Nigerians in 1969
  4. African leaders were invited to put on Indian traditional attires at this 2015 Summit, all of them agreed except 1 pic.twitter.com/GaGaDfwUEY
  5. Kenya has the highest proportion of DJs in Africa.
  6. Soulja Boy once said “Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we’d still be in Africa. We wouldn’t be here to get these ice & tattoos”
  7. Robert Mugabe is a qualified teacher, he has a qualification in Economics, he is a lawyer, he has a master of laws degree from London.
  8. South Africans are the most active Africans on Twitter.
  9. Ethiopia was the first Christian country in Africa. It was never colonised and Ethiopians practised Christianity before Europeans.
  10. A school in South Africa taught students Maths in their native language, Xhosa. They scored 100% & got 40% when they were taught in English.
  11. Africa is not poor, its poorly managed.
  12. DSTV’s premium package in Nigeria costs N11,650 while the minimum wage in Nigeria is N18,000.
  13. Libya has the highest rate of people with access to electricity in Africa.
  14. All 21 beheaded Egyptian Christians, given the opportunity to convert, chose not to. As they were killed, each of them said Jesus is Lord.
  15. Nigeria has Africa’s most fluent English speakers and the highest rate of fluent English speakers in Africa.
  16. Do you personally dislike Gay people. Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni: Of course I do, they are disgusting.
  17. South Africa has one of the world’s lowest number of citizens living outside their country because most South Africans are happy at home.
  18. Nigeria has the biggest fashion industry in Africa.
  19. Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe, is more educated than Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping etc. He is the world’s most educated President.

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