Elephant hair bracelet

Elephants have been the subject of different cultural depictions in symbolism, popular culture and mythology. Elephant has a lot of meaning in African culture. They are both revered in respected for their prowess in war and in their religion. Ever since a long time ago, when elephants were represented by ancient cave art and petroglyphs, Africans has include elephant in every part of art, including sculptures, film, music, pictures, and even architecture. Elephants are often elements in modern artistic works and creations, including here those by artists such asNorman Rockwell, Bannue Akey, Andy Warhol, and Banksy. In African culture, elephant is a symbol of beauty, power and strength. It is also praised for its stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, size, longevity, and loyalty. South Africans, uses elephant tusks as decoration in their rooms. They also use it in their coat of arms to represent wisdom moderation, strength and eternity.


Elephant hair jewelry

Africans also uses elephant’s hair to make different beautiful jewelers. Elephants have hair on the different parts of their body, with the most noticeable concentrations around the ear openings, stomach, chin, eyes and tail.

African are known for they elephant hair bracelet which is a style of bracelet that originated in Africa. A long time ago, they were always made only from elephant hair and they were so special, but in recent years they have come to be made and combine from different materials, most often wire and different beads. The process for making them is not difficult and you can easily make those bracelets.

Elephant hair Bracelets are so famous in Africa people here believe that those bracelets bring them luck. They also thinks that whoever wears this kind of bracelet will be blessed with health, love, prosperity and progress. The legend of African hair bracelet dates back to about 1500 years ago where is believed that people who wear this hair bracelet are protected against misfortunes, harm, and illnesses. They also believed that people with this kind of bracelets are luckier than the others. People in Africa believe that an elephant is also the connecting factor between heaven and earth, this kind of mythology gives the elephant hair bracelet even more significance in their culture.

Bracelets that are truly made from African elephant hair will no doubt come across as a very pretty form of jewelry and art, but not many will be aware of the fact and history that this bracelet is steeped in traditional and legend significance.

Elephant hair bracelets

The elephant bracelet usually can have either two, four or six knots.

The two knots of elephant hair bracelet signify and represent the earth which represent fertility and ancestors and nature which represent spirits and forces. Therefore, it is believed to create balance between nature and earth.

The four knot elephant hair bracelet signifies the elements of namely fire, sun, water, wind or better to say everything that is about Mother Nature. The strands of elephant hairs which pass the knots symbolize and represent the seasons of a year, and for Africans this issue is so important because they have a special relation with seasons of the year.

The six knot elephant hair bracelet signify and represent all things together that we mention before but this kind of bracelet isn’t so famous in Africa because it is a little complicated to make and it doesn’t looks so pretty.

The movements from the knots along the cord shows the forces involving nature and represents continual evolution. It is, as a result, believed that it helps you to bring strength, good luck, and fortune to the actual wearer.

A person who wears this kind of bracelet made from the elephant hairs that he himself has killed and made would wear the bracelet in his right hand to represent the same, while the elephant bracelet that has been gifted by someone special would be worn on the left hand because they like to make the distinction clear and to tell to other people something more about their special bracelets. This is another interesting thing about this kind of jeweler that people in Africa like so much.

How to make elephant hair bracelet

elephan hair

It is so difficult to make a hair bracelet from real elephant hair because of the features of the elephant hair. Elephant hairs are extremely thick and a single strand can measure up more than 22 inches. Often one end on the hair strand is thicker compared to other and, therefore, one has to slice the hair strands directly into several pieces just so that a bunch of hair with the same thickness could be gathered. These can then supply to make the pendant.

Usually older elephant’s hair are thicker than that of a younger ones. The colors of the elephant hair usually range from brown to black and very rarely white. In Africa white hair of elephants are so unusual and so special, is a chance occurrence, usually found among older elephants. The elephant hair has to be softened and boiled, because without it is not possible to convert it into different ways and shapes. Those elephant hairs needs to be molded into the required shape while they are still hot. Sometimes, that must be cooled down in order that it retains the design which it had been shaped straight into. These knot must also always be firmly destined, with no which often, the particular strands will happen reduce along with slide within the hands.

The loop that are used to hold the elephant bracelets together will vary in shape and style. The loop, as we mentioned before, will either be two, four or six in number. But even this might change depends to your style, with some going up to eight in number or more. To find out if a hair strand in you bracelet is really elephant hair, take a match to it. You can try it by smelling, if it is real, it will smell like burning hair. Sometimes hair of similar color and thickness are the most difficult ads and task to the difficulty of making elephant hair bracelet.

Bracelet care
Elephant Hair Style Bracelet

If you like to take care of your elephant special bracelet you must wash it by hand, using minimal force. Using too much pressure and force to slide the loops might lead to the breakage of two or three strands of elephant’s hair. You can wash your bracelet with normal hair shampoo or special dog’s shampoo. Never put you bracelet in a washing machine, if you try it this will damage bracelets beyond repair. You have make sure if each strand receives the conditioning by opening and closing each strand and treating it separately.

By conditioning and maintaining the elephant bracelet the color will be protected. Otherwise the bracelet will dry out (since it is made from natural hair which contains oils) and the strands will start to break and split. For elephant hair bracelets is prefer to be worn 24/7 because the natural oils from our body help preserve the hair. Every 4-6 months you should rub olive oil in your bracelet, on the elephant hair -this penetrates.


Points to consider

Buying and owning an elephant bracelet that is made from real elephant hair might hold a lot of significance and has a lot of meaning in the African culture and might prompt you to own one yourself, but you have consider certain factors before procuring one.

Though it in African culture is said that the elephant hair bracelets are made from only those hair strands which are shed when the elephants rub their tails against tree branches, which most of the time that is not the case.

The elephants in Africa are illegally hunted and poached for their leather, ivory and their hair to make different types of elephant hair jewelry and decorations but in many parts of the world, it has become an illegal process to make bracelets or other kind of jewelers from elephant hair and sometime with teeth combinations. In fact, possessing one is considered illegal and sometimes can be counted as a felony under the law in some different parts of the world. To replace those kind of products, silver bracelets, which are a copy of the original elephant hair bracelet designs are made and we can tell that those bracelets are same like originals one. In those places where elephant hair products are illegally similarly, bracelets using giraffe hair and some small other details and replicating the original bracelet designs can also be opted for.

Possessing imitation hair bracelets which are made from other different metals like silver, sometimes copper and sometimes gold or a closer specimen like giraffe hair or other animals with hair is always an option that is available. By choosing this option you can become a part of this legend in this manner as well. And to tell the truth, after all it looks classy, elegant and has a great legend and history to carry forth.

We all know, especially women’s, that bracelets are some of the trendy accessories that never go out of fashion and you can combine them every time with everything especially when they are elegant and classy as well.

They are meant for both women and men and in those days children are using them too. If you are thinking to buy or maybe to make one such trendy elephant hair bracelet, then you should take a look at some of the bracelet making ideas given in different pages in the internet or here in our website. Elephant bracelets can be made at home and maybe you may not spend a lot of money on buying them from different shop. We are sure that you can make them almost at half the price that you require to pay in different markets. But first you have to shop online elephant hairs.

Elephant Bracelet

Creative ideas for making bracelets

Elephant hair bracelets can be made from number of different raw materials if you like to make it special and if you are searching for special details to combine your bracelet. It can be a simple bead bracelet with special shine or a designer leather bracelet. Important things to know is that there is no limit to the elephant hair bracelet making patterns but keep it in mind: as simple as beautiful.

Leather Bracelets
Combination with leather bracelets

These kind of bracelets are some of the most elegant and simple looking bracelet patterns and it could be more special if we combine it with elephant hair elements. Stones and beads can also be used to prepare and combine a nice attractive leather bracelet. There is no limit to the designs that can be made with the combination of elephant hairs and leather. If you are searching for special looking bracelets you can also prepare a leather bracelet which is imprinted with some simple design. You also can go for a combination of laying beads, braiding and or stones, depends in your style at appropriate places.

Elephant hair bracelets with beads elements
Elephant hair bracelets with beads elements

Leather bracelets and charm bracelets suit both women and men. But to tell the truth beaded bracelets look more elegant only on women especially when it is combine with unique elements like it is elephant hair combination. You can make special and delicate looking bracelets with the help of elephant hair loop and beads combination.
We all know that beads come in a large variety of colors, design and patterns. You can use the one which you like the most but it is not prefer to do a colorful combination because it could look terrible in combination with special loop like it is elephant hair. Single stranded and multi stranded are two varieties of beaded bracelets.
One stranded and multi stranded are two kinds of beaded bracelets. Single stranded bracelets are simple to handle for beginners. All you want to do is collect some favorite colored beads of one’s choice and sequence these people and tie the ends of the string. You can select a plastic string or the soft metal string. Multi stranded bracelets are only combination of 2-3 single stranded bracelets. Use different color combining in each string and produce an innovative bracelet pattern of your personal style. You can even make beautiful and unique bracelets by using hemp, wooden beads, woolen strings, etc.

poached elephant

Is your elephant hair bracelet made of a poached animal?

The elephants in The African continent are illegally hunted and poached for their leather, their hair or ivory to make different types of elephant hair jewelry and decorations however in many parts of the earth this process of creating those products other kind of jewelers from elephant hair is becoming an illegal process. To replace those kind of solutions, they use silver bracelets, which are a copy on the original elephant hair bracelet designs are produced and we can explain to that those bracelets usually are same like originals one particular. In some places in which elephant hair products usually are illegally similarly, bracelets using giraffe hair plus some small other details and replicating an original bracelet designs can be opted for.

Continual reduction on the elephant population in Africa and in other places where elephants live show that rules to safeguard them every day are now being broken.. However locations originally picked up shield this elephants are often “shrinking” to support this kind of distributed of man steps, example presenting this misconception in which elephants are often overpopulating. Poaching animals is illegal in every place all over the world, and of course your black market in off white is illegal too along with other elephant derived products as an example jewelry’s continues to survive Elephant hair jewelers and also elephant hair bracelet ads can be accompanied or combination with reassurances depending on country rules that hairs of elephant are “traditionally” gathered from areas where the animals in this case elephant, all the time rubs their tails on trees. It is very unlikely or almost impossible to backtrack the origins of each one individual elephant hair that are being used to make jewelry’s if you have seen for yourself the place does those hair are caused by, so those derivatives theoretically ethically gathered with a great otherwise extensively sought after pet implies the item gets to become new close to extremely hard process to ascertain just whether or not a new offense has as well as was not dedicated.

But unfortunately, in this variety grey market involving a commonly poached species solutions, usually the seller will ask and considerably more evidential for clarification before you decide to buy elephants hair solutions.

Wildlife SOS, which is among the biggest rescue groups throughout India how also monitors different animal, especially they monitor elephant poaching, tell us that elephant hair could originated from a poached or wiped out elephant.

Although the effect will be since porcupine quills are often accumulated in the event the pet secretes all of which whenever under risk related to assault,  actual usually are unusual detects with the amounts of porcupine quills needed to finish the particular require while using the products and trinket enterprise much surpasses truly what often times have are derived from ethically gathering these people. Porcupines are thought infestations that can help Africa maqui berry farmers and as a consequence exterminated. Conclusive evidence on the source of ethically obtained wild animal products (with high costs on their heads) is actually extremely hard to monitor, so that even as have suggested, in order to take you sourced an animal-friendly product should be to uncover the original element yourself; obviously an impractical exercise for many people.

Qualitative elephant hair bracelet

We all want to get our money’s worth whenever we buy something new, the same is when we invest in an elephant hair jewelry or bracelets. We always want to make certain it is product is created out of elephant hairs and make sure that it is good quality. Here are some guides to assist you to select good one:

About the right is a “well made” elephant hair bracelet about the left and is a poorly made one. This can be a little hard to help make something with elephant hair – it must be too boiled and to soften it although it is still hot we need to woke on it to create a good bracelet once this cools it retains the form.

The bracelet about your left has well defined knots which might be tightly bound and appropriately proportioned -the other you’ve got uneven knots that usually are loosely bound.

If the knots or hair loops which are manufactured from elephant hair are tightly bound they won’t come loose and they don’t slide loose on your arm -they hold his or her position -you will never have the capacity to wear the bracelet in the event the knots come loose given it will slide over your hand and fall absent.

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